dinsdag 18 februari 2014


After a successful first edition of the Midori x Cabourn ARMY Edition, April 2014 will see the second edition.

The second edition will have a black leather cover, embossed with Cabourn's signature British Arrow and includes a black penholder and a matte black painted pencil.

maandag 17 februari 2014

Boring Airplane Goodbye THE END OF THE PLAIN PLANE - BRANIFF International

A series of Limited Edition items, available for limited time only.

Midori's TRAVELER'S notebook team pays tribute to Braniff International, a Texas airline of the 60-70, with a limited edition series to customize your notebook.

The series includes some vintage style stickers evolving around the traveling theme - mimicing timetables, bagage tags and boarding passes, as well as special edition Spiral Ring Notebooks.

Midori has ventured from Braniffs Timetable (A5) and Boarding passes (B6) for its covers of the two Spiral Ring notebooks that have the inner of Midori's Spiral Ring Notebook Kangaroo. The Airmail notebook in B6, has envelopes with window as inner sheets.

The Roll Stickers design evolve around the luggage and boarding theme commemorating Braniff's bold campaign.

In addition to the Roll Stickers, these stickers are a collection of Braniff's memorabilia, their logo's, campaign outings and labels.

Braniffs signature logo was pinned on the cabin crews outfit, and soon became a much sought after symbol for young girls of that time. These brass charms are perfect to customize your notebook, or to adorn your key ring.

Two stamps within the Braniff vibe are the last items of the limited series. The blank spaces in the stamp enables to use the stamp to organize.

Braniffs memorabilia is available across Europe from Mid March onwards. Please turn to your Midori vendor.

NEW CUSTOMIZE! items for 2014

Midori will soon add some new items to its CUSTOMIZE! range.

Evolving around the theme of nostalgic typography found on billboards and shop windows that scream a certain style of 'vintage exotic-ness'.

In addition to the existing Customize! collection in brown, black and grey, the Eyelets & String, Pen Holder Seal Title Pocket will now also be available in orange. Its Roll Sticker range sees its range elaborated with themes of vintage labels, ticks and -yes- milk.

New is the extension towards stickers evolving around a nostalgia font, the Aphabet & Number seals are reminiscent of the typo used for old fashioned New York Barber shop windows (in gold) or a more craft style in gothic font.

Please turn to your local Midori dealer for these new Midori CUSTOMIZE! items. Across Europe from Mid-March onwards.

NEW 2014 TRAVELER'S notebook items

In the first quarter of 2014 Midori presents a number of new refills for its popular TRAVELER'S notebook.

For the regular size notebook, they present 2 new refills, for its passport size counter part, 1 new refill is added to its game.

Refill 022 for Midori TRAVELER'S notebook is an assortment of 8 types of sticky notes in a PP cover that can be adjusted to the TRAVELER'S notebook with the connecting bands (refill 021) or the rubber band.

Each type of sticky note totals 30 sheets. The 022 Sticky Notes has 8 types of sticky notes, totaling to 240 sticky notes to use to bookmark, index or to write down comments.

Refill 023 for TRAVELER'S notebook are so-called Film  Pocket Seals. 
A Film Pocket Seal is a very thin transparant sticker that you can stick to your notebook. The Pockets seals are card-sized. As an example, by using the pocket seals in a paper refill, you can create a flexible business card file (instead of using for example 3x 007 refills). You can also add it to those pages you would like to position a pocket to store cards, tickets, photos or even receipts. 
The 023 Film Pocket Seal includes 6 sheets of each 3 Film Pocket Seals, totaling 18 pockets sleeves.

For the passport size, the 012 refill is the passport size counterpart for the 022 Sticky Notes refill and has 4 narrow sticky notes and one big one; each 30 sheets.

The items above will be available at your Midori TRAVELER'S notebook retailer from mid March onwards.

maandag 29 juli 2013

Midori x Nigel Cabourn ARMY EDITION now available

The ARMY EDITION, an exclusive collaboration between Midori and Nigel Cabourn is now available world wide in selective stores.

Japan’s stationery heavyweight MIDORI teamed up with vintage godfather NIGEL CABOURN to produce a collaboration notebook set with style and ‘camo’. With strong historic roots and an even stronger focus on craftsmanship, MIDORI and NIGEL CABOURN gave this very unique collaboration set an extra dose of lifestyle and vintage extraordinaire. Its passport-size brown leather cover carries a stylish embossed ‘broad arrow’, a graphic icon with its origin in the British military and often present as a visual trademark throughout NIGEL CABOURN’s collections. A further CABOURN touch is the bullet shaped brass pencil holder which received a stunning vintage military matte green coating as well as the vivid green cover of the actual notebook inside.

The camouflaged ‘MIDORI x NIGEL CABOURN’ collaboration notebook set adds to the establishment of MIDORI’s finely crafted notebooks in the lifestyle realm. Moreover, it reinforces NIGEL CABOURN’s affinity with a timeless, analogue way of life as well as tightens his strong bond with Japan, already dating back over 3 decades. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that this fine piece of craftsmanship will be available as a timeless notebook set for timeless memories to be jotted down and kept forever. A true companion to those who see the beauty of life in its journey and not so much in its destination. All elements, from the brass pen holder to the leather exterior, will show off their wear-and-tear beautifully, in sync with life’s precious moments locked up within.

The ARMY EDITION includes a leather notepad, grid paper refill, penholder and matte green pencil.

maandag 25 maart 2013


Mark your calendars; from April 9th to May 12th 2013, Midori will host a TRAVELER'S notebook STAMP TRIP!

To be held in Hong Kong, the birthplace of the TRAVELER'S STAR EDITION collaboration to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the passport size, you can now collect an original stamp in your notebook. Collect the stamps at City'Super/LOG-ON and at QIPS and submit your application. 10 lucky applicants will receive original Masking Tapes from the TRAVELER'S FACTORY, the flagship of TRAVELER'S notebook, located in Nakameguro, Tokyo.

The details:

Time period
Tuesday, April 9 through Sunday, May 12, 2013

City'Super: Harbour City, Times Square
LOG-ON: Festival Walk
QIPS: Olympian City, QIPS Miramar Shippong Centre

What the campaign offers
・Each participating store will set up a special stamp section during the campaign period. There, you are invited to press the stamp on your favorite notebook or "TRAVELER'S notebook" that you bought there.
・Each stamp is an original design, featuring the store's logo and TRAVELER'S STAR. Each campaign stamp is available at that store alone.
・Press two campaign stamps on the application form - one at a city’super and the other at a QIPS -- and submit your application. We will give a set of two original masking tapes of "TRAVELER'S FACTORY" to 10 lucky winners chosen by lot out of all the applicants.

How to apply
Press two campaign stamps on the application form, one at a city'super and the other at a QIPS, and leave it in a campaign application box. No application is valid if it has two stamps from the same store.
* The form is available at any of the stores participating in the stamp campaign.
(When the store has run out of forms, no more copies of the form will be available there).
* The application box is to be placed at city'super Harbour City and QIPS Miramar shopping center.