woensdag 20 april 2011

VERY soon in store: Midori Traveler's Notebook Anniversary Edition

We are happy to announce that this Camel Limited Edition Traveler's Notebook will be available in our store from friday April 22nd.

Please go to our store here.

Traveler's Notebook has its 5th anniversary this year. Midori celebrates this event with an exceptional beautiful anniversary edition. This camel version comes with an extra green emerald elastic band.

The 5 year anniversary range's theme is "Customize!" ranging from 5 different packs of stickers (3 packs with destinations-stickers, a pack with stamps-stickers and one with label-stickers). You can also customize your elastic band with a metal charm or wooden and metal beads. Or you can use the leather tags; one pack carries a larger one with the Traveler's Notebook world-logo, a smaller one with the Traveler's Notebook 'text'-logo, and a blank one for you to customize. And, last but not least, use the Traveler's Notebook travel stamp (available in a round and a square type), to decorate your notebook.

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