vrijdag 4 januari 2013

Midori at BREAD and Butter tradeshow january 2013

Midori will show at Bread and Butter tradeshow from January 15th to 17th 2013 in the L.O.C.K. area of this fantastic tradeshow that is held twice a year.

Brands that exhibit in this Labels of Common Kin-area reflect more than just style: this style-defining area stands for an attitude. Linking the respect of old traditions with today’s cutting-edge spirit it’s all about values and things that last. Production is a loanword here, replaced by craft and manual labour. Craftsmanship, expertise, precision work and highest manufacturing standards pair with love, passion and pride – like back in the old days, when buying a garment, and wearing it had a deeper meaning.

Within this L.O.C.K. area two distinct area's exist; the Fire Dept where Midori showed last summer, and the new CONCEPT ROOM. Its curator is none other than the coveted Japanese Clutch magazine.  
This Concept Room intents to create a very special market environment by putting a special topic at its heart. This coming January CONCEPT ROOM devotes itself to Japan, home to valued craftsmanship and quality garments: The Flat Head, Midori, Momotaro Jeans, Japan Blue Jeans, Brown's Beach Jacket, Big John, Cledran, Allevol, The Superior Labor, Viberg - this prestigious collection will provide a highly exclusive experience. 

We look forward to this strong and bold tradeshow, and we look forward to seeing you. Come find us at the L.O.C.K. Concept Room, our booth location is H7 8.2

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